Nevada Law Firm Represents Creditors in Foreclosure Actions

Skilled lawyer protects creditors’ rights to reclaim property in the Las Vegas area

Financial institutions that provide mortgages have a right to collect liens on a debtor’s property and force a sale when that debtor is in default of their loan. At Wasielewski Law Firm, I assist lenders in the Las Vegas area and throughout Nevada in foreclosure actions on properties in order to recoup their losses. When delinquent borrowers can no longer make payments and allow their properties to fall into disrepair, they not only affect lenders but also negatively impact the value of surrounding properties. Moreover, foreclosure restrictions prevent lenders from liquidating distressed assets to free up working capital so they can provide loans for prospective homebuyers. I understand the Nevada foreclosure process and can facilitate your efforts to reclaim your property and mitigate your loss.

Proven advocate assists with foreclosure actions

Just as borrowers have options to save their homes, lenders have rights when it comes to protecting their investments. I represent a range of mortgage holders in the foreclosure of commercial and residential properties throughout Nevada. The clients I serve may include:

  • National and regional banks
  • Community banks
  • Credit unions
  • Finance companies
  • Distressed debt buyers

I am able to handle all steps in the mortgage foreclosure process, from issuing required notices through entering a foreclosure judgment and the scheduling of a sale. My aim is to represent my clients’ interests and preserve their right to reclaim their property.

Experienced creditors’ attorney negotiates terms to avoid foreclosure

Foreclosure can be both a time-consuming and expensive process for lenders and borrowers. Often, however, just the threat of foreclosure can compel a delinquent borrower to face the reality of his situation and come to the negotiating table. To help clients save both time and money, I assist creditors in actions such as these:

  • Mortgage modifications — I represent lenders in negotiations to have the terms of the original loan permanently changed to reduce payments to an affordable amount.
  • Short sales For borrowers who will never be able to make up delinquent payments, I may negotiate a short sale, in which the net proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the amount owed on the debt. The lender avoids the time and expense of foreclosure and can often earn as much through a short sale as it would through a sheriff’s auction.
  • Deeds in lieu of foreclosure A deed in lieu of foreclosure allows a homeowner to relinquish interest in a home for the amount of the loan by exchanging the deed for the loan cancellation. In areas where the housing market may be picking up, this remedy could be a viable option.

Whether I help you with any of these actions or guide you through the foreclosure process, I take the time to thoroughly understand your business’s goals and work to achieve them as efficiently and promptly as possible.

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Wasielewski Law Firm in Las Vegas represents lenders throughout Nevada in foreclosure actions and related matters. To schedule a consultation, call me at 702-490-8511 or contact me online.